Giving your Call Center Agents or Queue Members some extra time after a call finishes with Asterisk Queues

Why it is useful to wait a few seconds before assigning a new call to a queue member

It's very common in Call Centers that agents need a few extra seconds to do some administrative tasks before taking new calls.

For example, let's say that the software you use in your call center (or for that matter, the workflow your employees follow) require agents to fill in some information after each call, so they need 15 seconds approximately to accomplish this and they can't take another call while at it.

In this article we are going to see how to do just that with the queues in Asterisk PBX.

Setting up Asterisk Queues with some wrap up time

The queues in Asterisk can be setup with the wrapuptime option in queues.conf.

This option will effectively wait a specific number of seconds before assigning a new call to an agent or queue member after each call. This can actually be read as a way to specify an interval in seconds between calls for all agents or member queues in Asterisk.

The option can be used in either agents or queues, and is used like this:


If used inside the configuration of queues.conf for a queue, this means that all members of that queue will have 15 seconds after each call before they get another call to take.