PAGI: Creating VoIP and Telephony Applications for the Asterisk PBX


For an in-depth tutorial and introduction, read "PAGI: Quick telephony applications using AGI and PHP".

For a complete ivr example with unit tests, see "Unit test your PHP IVR applications with PAGI ".

For an example of how to use nodes, see: "Advanced telephony applications with PHP and PAGI using call flow nodes" and "Making your ivr nodes (call) flow with PAGI "

Check the slides about writing telephony applications using Asterisk, PHP, and PAGI and PAMI, at the PHP Conference Argentina 2013. You can download the slides, don't forget to see the notes! The complete talk is right there if you missed it :) 


NOTE: You will need to have log4php installed and in your include path (the src/main/php directory of the source distribution).

Please see for all (and full) examples.