PAGI: Creating VoIP and Telephony Applications for the Asterisk PBX

Success stories

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"Our project is a hosted contact center for multiple companies using OpenSIPS and Asterisk. By using PAGI nodes we can let our customers use a GUI to modify their IVR's, applying configurations without reloading Asterisk, and without needing dialplan experts. PAGI applications and Node/NodeController are very impressive, and a great programming idea."

-- Prasit Gebsaap,
Senior Manager, Jasmine Telecom Systems PCL, Thailand.
As "EasyConnect Hosted Contact Center" Product Founder and Developer.

"At BrowseMonster we have a marketing product that interfaces with different types of small businesses such as restaurants receiving inbound sales and service calls. We use PAGI to allow our customers to setup their IVR’s, send SMS’s to their customers, log data about the demographic of the people calling, and record calls. By using PAGI and interfacing with our databases we have allowed our project to scale near infinitely by simply adding more Asterisk boxes. While the initial setup took some time to understand, programming with PAGI was really simple. It took our entire development process from a few weeks down to A WEEK AND A HALF! It also reduced the overall complication of the project immensely. I would highly recommend this library for anyone who likes to code in PHP and needs to interface with Asterisk."

-- Drew Gilkey,
Director of Technology, BrowseMonster