PAGI: Creating VoIP and Telephony Applications for the Asterisk PBX

About PAGI

PAGI means PHP Asterisk Gateway Interface. It is an OOP client for the Asterisk Gateway Protocol, implemented in PHP.

Check the slides about writing telephony applications using Asterisk, PHP, and PAGI and PAMI, at the PHP Conference Argentina 2013. You can download the slides, don't forget to see the notes! The complete talk is right there if you missed it :) 

Where to find

You can find PAGI:


  • Mocked PAGI client to easily test your IVR applications.
  • CDR management support.
  • Call spool and schedule auto dial.
  • Send and Receive Fax.
  • Channel Variables.
  • Caller ID management.
  • Can be used with FastAGI, see FastPAGI
  • Nodes, allowing to expect input from the user, play prompt messages, validate input and play error messages, etc
  • Node controller, to control and orchestrate the application call flow

Who uses it?

Read some of the success stories from some of the PAGI users

More information

There's a detailed article about writing telephony applications on the march edition of Software Developer Journal".

Also see the README file for more information.